Peter Hamza

Hungarian internet entrepreneur


Hey there! I'm a Hungary based graphic designer with an extensive web development background. I'm also into photography.

In the last 14 years I designed and built numerous successful online projects including Inertia, Hungary's first online community for graphic designers, stock.xchng, the world's #1 free stock photo resource and Stockxpert, one of the top 5 microstock photo agencies.

In 2009 the two photo sites were acquired by Getty Images. At the time they had over 5 million images and 4 million registered users.

Currently I'm working on a new, independent stock photo agency called Stockfresh.

Current project - Royalty free stock images
Royalty free stock images

Previous projects

Inertia - Hungarian web design community + Visual Culture 2001
Hungarian web design community

Stockxpert - Royalty free stock images

Stockxpert / stock.xchng (offline)
Royalty free stock images

HAAP - Live From Tokyo

HAAP - Live From Tokyo
Personal photo blog